Gareth Bennett (AM)

National Assembly for Wales Member for South Wales Central


This is Gareth Bennett's personal website, the views and opinions on this website may not necessarily be the same held by the UKIP party.

About me

Hi, my name’s Gareth Bennett. You probably know that already, or you wouldn’t be on this site.

On May 5 2016, I was elected as an Assembly Member (AM) for South Wales Central. I was one of the first UKIP AMs to be elected to the Assembly – seven of us in one go.

Prior to 2016, we had zero Assembly members. Some people say it should have stayed like that! I would like to state that I was the first-ever UKIP AM to be sworn in at Cardiff Bay. And in fact, in a way I was (by virtue of me being alphabetically the first UKIPper on the list). Unfortunately, one of my colleagues, Michelle Brown, was sworn in a day earlier…but at Colwyn Bay. This may lead to complications if this is ever a question in a pub quiz.

So…when the Western Mail’s Martin Shipton stated that I was the first-ever UKIP AM to be sworn in, he got it wrong. Actually, Shipton gets a lot of stuff wrong. This fact will probably become a recurring feature of this website. Okay, so I got elected, so I was UKIP – so what? Well, here’s what. Er…I meant to say something hard-hitting and profound at this point. But I can’t think of anything, so just flick through the contents of the website and decide ‘so what’ for yourself.

All the best, Gareth.