Andrew Bevan For Cardiff South and Penarth

Andrew Bevan For Cardiff South and Penarth

Jun 6, 2017Cardiff, Election Communications, UKIP, Vale of Glamorgan0 comments

A vote for Jeremy Corbyn is a
vote for:
Remaining in the crumbling EU
Uncontrolled mass migration
Abolishing our nuclear deterrent
Don’t leave it to Labour

Andrew Bevan has a wealth of real-life experience. He has worked as a shift manager in factories, in charge of up to 50 people. For many years he was based at the SONY factory in Bridgend. He has also worked as an English teacher overseas and as a fork lift operator at RAF St Athan. He played Welsh league football in the South Wales Valleys, and is a long-standing supporter of Cardiff City FC.
“We have a Labour MP in Cardiff South and Penarth,” Andrew says. “We all know that Labour is trying to keep us in the single market – which will mean that we still end up with uncontrolled immigration from the EU.
“Theresa May, as Home Secretary, completely failed to stop the flow of migrants into the UK. She will probably fail again once talks begin with the EU leaders. That is why I would urge you to vote UKIP on June 8th to ensure that we get the Brexit that the Leave voters all voted for.”

Vote UKIP on June 8th

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