Dealing with the Housing Crisis – Putting Local People First

Jun 28, 2018 | Wales Leadership Election 2018

Official figures show that around 350 people sleep rough on the streets of Wales each night, and over
2,000 households are in temporary accommodation.

We have a chronic housing shortage in Wales, yet local councils were forced to take in over 300 refugees last year, after being pressurised to do so by the Welsh Government.

We must make a distinction between economic migrants and genuine refugees. The system is already at breaking point. Italy, Austria and the ‘Visegrad’ countries are already refusing to abide by the EU’s crazy Schengen system, and are turning people away at the borders.

At a local level, the equation is simple. There are not enough houses to go around for the people we already have in Britain. If we let more in, the housing crisis simply worsens.

Despite this, the Welsh Assembly is now moving forward with plans to brand Wales as a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ – a pointless piece of virtue signalling.

If we encourage them, more and more people will come here. There is no unlimited right of people to enter the UK from all over the world. We have to have a rational and consistent immigration system in future.

In the area of Housing, the rights of local people must surely come first.

Gareth Bennett

Standing up for Britain