Gareth Bennett

Gareth Bennett

Gareth Bennett – Standing up for Britain

Jun 28, 2018 | Wales Leadership Election 2018

Hello everyone,
My name’s Gareth Bennett. You may have heard of me already. I’m that bloke who got banned from speaking in the Welsh Assembly for a year because I said things that the liberal Lefties didn’t want to hear. (The ban was later lifted.) I tend to say lots of things that liberal Lefties don’t want to hear. I’m funny like that.

A few weeks ago, I sent a report to UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in which I called for all Party Members in Wales to be given a vote on who should be the Leader of the Assembly Group. We have had a bit of difficulty over the last two years over who should be the Leader. I thought that, rather than five people in a room deciding who that person should be, it should be down to the Welsh Party Members to decide.

UKIP’s National Leader, Gerard Batten, and the NEC have now agreed with my premise, and here we are. We have our Leadership Election.

I hope that this election will be decided on Policies. UKIP has to stand for something besides Brexit, and it has to stand for something radical. There are plenty of issues for UKIP to campaign on, both in the UK and in Wales. I have written about some of the most important ones in this manifesto.

There are two crucial aspects here. One, there is only one person in this election with distinctive Policies, and that is me. Two, you will not get many of these Policies adopted unless I win this Leadership Election.

It’s up to you.

Gareth Bennett

Standing up for Britain