Gary Oldfield For Cardiff North

Gary Oldfield For Cardiff North

Jun 6, 2017Cardiff, Election Communications, UKIP0 comments

A vote for Theresa’s Tories is a vote for:
Out of control immigration
Money wasted on “foreign aid”.
An NHS and social care crisis.
While Labour self-destructs and the Lib Dems sell us out to the EU, don’t trust Theresa.
Only UKIP will fight to get the best deal for our nation’s future.

Gary Oldfield is a self-employed electrician and general builder. “As a long standing Cardiff resident, I am very well aware of the problems facing the City,” Gary says. “As a father of two, I am also very familiar with the issues confronting ordinary families. I grew up on a council estate, so I am very much on the side of local communities and hard working people.
“Theresa May will be negotiating Brexit. We need to ensure that she gets us the Brexit that the Leave voters wanted,” Richard says. “This means tight controls for immigration, and a sovereign UK outside the jurisdiction of the European Courts.
“A vote for Labour will leave us in an even worse position—still in the EU, or having to accept uncontrolled immigration. This is exactly what the majority of people in Wales voted against.
“If you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, don’t leave it to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Vote UKIP on June 8th.”

Vote UKIP on June 8th

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