Ian Mclean for Cynon Valley

Ian Mclean for Cynon Valley

Jun 6, 2017Election Communications, Rhondda Cynon Taff, UKIP0 comments

A vote for Jeremy Corbyn is a
vote for:
Remaining in the crumbling EU
Uncontrolled mass migration
Abolishing our nuclear deterrent
Don’t leave it to Labour

Ian McLean has worked as a network planner for BT for just over 37 years. For 22 years, Ian was a local magistrate, mainly sitting in the Family Courts. Until recently, Ian was also a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF Volunteer Reserve, and for many years ran the Air Cadet Squadron at Pentre Barracks. Ian has lived in Abercynon for 24 years, and is very familiar with the issues facing the Cynon Valley.
“Theresa May is cynically using this Brexit General Election as a smokescreen to distract us from her party’s real intention of sneaking in all the unpalatable policies they have been wanting to bring in for years,” Ian says.
“A vote for the Conservatives will lead to us all paying more taxes, loss of the triple lock on our pensions and the eventual privatisation of the NHS!
“Even worse than that, a vote for Labour will leave us still in the EU, or at the very least will not deliver the kind of Brexit that we voted for. If you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, don’t leave it to Jeremy Corbyn and Ann Clwyd’s Labour Party. Vote UKIP on June 8th.”

Vote UKIP on June 8th

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