Robin Hunter-Clarke for Pontypridd

Robin Hunter-Clarke for Pontypridd

Jun 6, 2017Election Communications, Rhondda Cynon Taff, UKIP0 comments

Don’t leave it to Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith’s crumbling Labour Party!
Vote UKIP on June 8th to bring Britain together!

I’m standing to become your MP in the upcoming General Election.
Your current MP Owen Smith recently voted AGAINST the triggering of Article 50, wants a second EU Referendum, and has said he is going to do all he can to keep up is in the European Union. This is in despite of the fact the people of Pontypridd, and Rhondda Cynon Taf voted to LEAVE the EU last June.
You have an MP who is totally out of touch with what YOU want, and no longer represents you.
If elected I will represent YOU, and fight on your behalf to ensure a true Brexit happens, and to ensure that Wales and Pontypridd get the best deal possible from the negotiations. Do you really want an MP who wants yet another Referendum on the EU?
A vote for me is a vote for Real Change in Pontypridd, and a vote to oust Owen Smith. Pontypridd has had a Labour MP since 1922 and it’s time for CHANGE. If you’ve had enough of the status quo – this is your chance to change things.
Elect me and allow me to shake things up in Parliament, and fight for the investment Pontypridd deserves from Westminster.
I live and work locally. I have been in Local Government over the past 6 years, and am passionate about fighting for a better deal for Pontypridd and Wales.

Vote UKIP on June 8th

Robin Hunter-Clarke Campaign Leaflet