Sarul Islam for Cardiff Central

Sarul Islam for Cardiff Central

Jun 6, 2017Cardiff, Election Communications, UKIP1 comment

A vote for Jeremy Corbyn is a
vote for:
Remaining in the crumbling EU
Uncontrolled mass migration
Abolishing our nuclear deterrent
Don’t leave it to Labour

Sarul Islam was a Cardiff Councillor for eight years, elected in 2004 as the first Muslim County Councillor in Wales. During that time, he was Chair of the Council’s Planning Committee. He successfully implemented numerous policies in Cardiff, including a 5% deposit paid by Cardiff Council for first-time buyers, and a street play scheme.

Sarul was a keen and committed Brexit campaigner, who has also lobbied for several years for the establishment of a de-radicalisation centre in Cardiff.

“I am the only Brexiteer standing in Cardiff Central,” Sarul points out. “That means I am the only candidate who will truly hold Theresa May’s Government to account over the terms of Brexit. “In Cardiff Central, we have the Lib Dems, who want to re-run the Brexit referendum, because they have never accepted the vote to Leave. Then we have Labour, who say they accept the vote, but really want to keep
uncontrolled immigration by the back door.”

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